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Pantry Tracker 

Limit Food Waste, Keep Food Inventory, and Check Pantry List 

Pantry management like never before! Manage and sort your grocery lists so you never have to make a second trip to the store again. Go shopping at your local meat market and grocery stores and log your purchases; and if you bought too much, don’t worry you can resell what doesn’t fit in the pantry.  Avoid wasted food and keep track of the whole pantry with Recelery! 

Never forget items when grocery shopping again!  No more need to worry about food expiration dates and old dairy products sitting in your fridge. Invite friends, family, and neighbors to your pantry so they can have access to your inventory food. Move your pantry meals before food expiry by sharing it with people you know.  And if you're still stuck with leftover food, resell it on our marketplace. 

Never lose track of your pantry inventory and grow your kitchen stock by sharing pantry items and reselling products on the Recelery market.  Dealing with expired food is a thing of the past.  Stop keeping fridge food, like fruit and vegetables, past its food expiration date; resell unused food before its overdue.  Don’t let food go to waste, make your kitchen inventory a market of its own by reselling unused products.  

Amazing Features

Pantry Management

Log food you purchased and sort items based on name, type, quantity, freshness, and when they were last bought. 

Grocery List Management

Never forget to buy items when grocery shopping by adding them to Recelery’s grocery list.  Add items sorted by type, quantity, and freshness. 

Invite to Grocery Share

Connect Recelery to contacts so others can view and edit your pantry inventory.  Share inventory food with friends, family, and neighbors.


Resell unused products on Recelery’s marketplace. Sort and sell food by type, quantity, and freshness.  Adjust prices and add food expiration dates to listed items. Search for food by type, quantity, and food expiry. Manage your purchases and offers made on the Recelery marketplace. 

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